CIANZ investigation & reporting providing the essential link
between your earthquake damage and your professional advocates.

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Are you confident your insurer has accurately identified your damage and it's cause?


CIANZ are experts at gathering and analysing the information required to ensure full claim entitlement.


CIANZ values its independence and as a private company we will work for you.


Don't stand alone, stay in control. CIANZ will stand by you through the entire process.


Being kept in the dark? CIANZ provide comprehensive investigation, reporting, and transparent disclosure. Providing easy online access to your file.

Settlement offers

CIANZ will critique settlement offers made to you to ensure your full claim rights are respected.


Who will check your floor for flatness. Your insurer appointed floor level surveyor might step over a high spot a meter from the kitchen sink, in the middle of the hallway, or around a high spot under your bed or lazyboy.


If you want the truth, you need investigation. CIANZ deals in provable facts.

Don't lose your Greatest Asset,

CIANZ Limited will fully investigate your insured damage and losses, ensuring you reach full claim entitlement.
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